Yummy Calming Support Chews For Your Nervous Pooch

Yummy Calming Support Chews For Your Nervous Pooch

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Help Your Precious Pooch Live a More Calm, Stress-Free Life With Our Calming Support Chews.

  • RELIEVES DOG ANXIETY - Peppy-Paws Calming Support Chews advanced calming formula provides the best ingredients to help calm and relax your dog.  
  • REDUCES STRESS & SEPARATION ANXIETY- With 5 powerful ingredients including Valerian Root, Chamomile,  Passion Flower, Melatonin and L-Tryptophan our calming support chews help calm and support without expensive prescription medications or pills.
  • HELPS WITH A VARIETY OF DOG ISSUES - Our calming chews can help dogs with motion sickness, travel, storm anxiety, chewing, inappropriate marking, hyperactivity, aggressive or destructive behavior, separation anxiety, and excessive barking and licking.  
  • PROMOTES COMFORT & RELAXATION - Our chews are a natural calming aid that provides anxiety relief for dogs. Soft chews are much easier to use and are more effective than a thunder shirt or vest. Safer than prescription meds without the harmful side effects. 
  • DOGS LOVE THE TASTE - Easy to use since dogs love the taste and it's perfect for dogs of all sizes.
  • We GUARANTEE you and your furry friend will be 100% satisfied but if you're not, just let us know within 60 days and we will be happy to provide you with a no questions asked hassle-free refund

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