Perfect Puzzle Toy to Stimulate Your Dog and Him/Her Busy

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Your dog will love being challenged with this treat puzzle ball.  Believe it or not, dogs love to be challenged and have to think things through.  When you put treats in this treat puzzle ball, your dog will burn a ton of energy as he/she mentally figures out how to get the treats out.  

Puzzle toys are great for any dog but especially for dogs who might need a little more stimulation or who don't get enough exercise.  This doesn't replace exercise of course, but it does help reduce some of that pent up energy because your dog will burn energy figuring out how to get the treats out.

And if your dog suffers from anxiety when you leave, this is a great way to distract them while you slip out of the house. 

Grab yours today in pink, blue or black and it comes in 3 different sizes to accommodate any dog.


Small: 7 cm diameter

Medium: 9.5 cm diameter

Large: 12 cm diameter

Hole for treats:  Approx 1 cm

Pick a size or sizes that work best and choose your favorite color.

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Please allow 2 -4 weeks for delivery due to the popularity of this treat puzzle ball. 

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