Omega 3 Fish Oil, Easy to Use Powder Promotes Overall Better Health

Omega 3 Fish Oil, Easy to Use Powder Promotes Overall Better Health

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If your dog suffers from allergies, skin conditions, excessive itching, shedding or joint pain, our Omega 3 Fish Oil can help. 

Triglyceride formulation absorbs better than smelly, gas-inducing ethyl ester dog food salmon oil or chews.

  • Promotes faster relief from dog joint pain, itching, allergy symptoms, inflammation, yeast growth, excessive shedding and obsessive licking.
  • Rich EPA & DHA Omega Fatty Acids support heart health, immune system, dog joint health, skin, eye, brain health and provides optimal wellness for your furry friend.
  • Works great for dogs large or small, young or old and is recommended for nursing dogs and puppies to aid in brain, heart and eye strength.
  • Yummy, bacon and beef flavored, easy to use powder eliminates messy spills and clogged pumps and dogs love the taste.
  • Easy to measure so your furry friend gets the most accurate dose for optimal results.
  • Made in the  U.S.A. and all-natural.  We craft our omega for dogs in an FDA approved, GMP certified facility and constantly monitor for purity, potency and safety.
  • We GUARANTEE you’ll feel 100% satisfied and so will your peppy pawed best friend or simply let us know and we’ll send a prompt refund, no questions asked!

For as little as .17 cents a day, your dog can be relieved of tummy troubles and more and just feel better overall.

Give your furry friend the helping hand he/she needs.

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