Cute Dog Blanket Adds Comfort To Your Dogs Bed or Favorite Sleeping Spot

  • $10.97

This soft blanket is sure to make your dog more comfortable in any sleeping spot.

Whether you add this to their bed or use it on the couch or on your bed, it's sure to make your dogs sleeping spot softer and more comfortable.

This blanket is easy to wash so great to use as a buffer in your dog's bed especially with dogs that shed.  And get rid of all that dog hair on your own bed or on your furniture when you use this blanket for your dog to lie on instead of lying on your furniture.  

It's also a great blanket for on the go.  You can use it as a place to sleep or use it to cover up your dog if it's cold.

Grab your soft dog blanket in one of the three colors below.  There are also 3 different sizes to choose from so you can choose the one that will fit your needs the best.  Or maybe choose a second one and use for two different areas.  


Small:  40 x 60 cm

Medium:  60 x 80 cm

Large:  80 x 100 cm

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