Reduce Pain and Improve Mobility with our Hip & Joint Care Supplement – 120 Count

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Help your dog put the pep back in their step and live a pain-free, active life again with our Hip and Joint Care Supplement.

  • Enriched with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM, ingredients are known to help revitalize joints, reduce inflammation and improve mobility.
  • As much as 4x the active ingredients as most other brands to help reduce pain and inflammation even faster.
  • All-natural and made in the USA
  • Dog joint pain can start at any age with any breed. Our dog joint supplement helps prevent the early onset of dog arthritis.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

For as little as .23 cents a day, your dog can be acting like he is two years old again.  Running, jumping, fetching, and playing will soon be the norm.  

Give your furry friend the helping hand he/she needs.

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  • How long does it take to see results? Results may be seen as early as 1-2 weeks. However, it may take up to 4-6 weeks to fully notice the benefits of decreased pain and increased mobility. 
  • Are your supplements made in the USA? Yes.  All our supplements are made in a GMP compliant and FDA inspected facility in the United States.
  • At what age do you recommend starting glucosamine for dogs? We generally recommend starting at age 2-3 years old unless they have a documented disease such as Hip Dysplasia, arthritis, or other joint problem. In those cases, we recommend starting sooner. It’s be to consult your Veterinarian because every situation is different.
  • How do I know that it’s time to add a glucosamine supplement for my dog? If you see that your dog isn’t moving around as well, hesitates going up or downstairs, is finding it difficult to jump on the bed or furniture it might be a good time to start using our hip and joint care for dogs.  You might also notice decreased interest in playing, slower walking, and just an overall lack of energy. These are also signs that it’s time to add our supplement.
  • My dog’s food contains glucosamine. Do I still need Peppy Paws? Yes. The amount of glucosamine in dog food is minimal. In addition, glucosamine may degrade when subjected to the heat or extreme pressure in the manufacturing process of commercial dog food.
  • Do you use heat to manufacture Peppy Paws? No. We use a no heat manufacturing process that maintains the ingredient integrity and quality.
  • What is the shelf-life of Peppy Paws Hip and Joint Care? The shelf life is approximately 18 months.
  • How should I store Peppy Paws Hip and Joint Care Supplements? Our supplements should be stored in a cool, dry area, but do not need to be refrigerated
  • I do not see my question listed what do I do now? Please email us at and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  


7 reviews for Reduce Pain and Improve Mobility with our Hip & Joint Care Supplement – 120 Count

  1. Cody O

    This hip and joint supplement has helped my dog tremendously. She is an old dog and is not as mobile as she used to be. Now she is able to go for a walk almost every day without pain.

  2. Sharon

    Its now been about 2 months since Bella started on Peppy Paws. Just want to report that she is doing great. It doesn’t upset her stomach at all and her stiffness is gone. She no longer limps when she gets up from lying down. I gave her 2 tablets a day for the first month, now just 1 per day. She is 76 lbs and 9 yrs old now. I’m so glad we tried this.

  3. Shane D

    What a difference this ‘Hip and Joint’ supplement has made to our border collie Ted. At ten, he’s not as young as he used to be. Two weeks on this and he’s a completely different dog – longer walks, more energetic, and happier in general. He’s back to leaping up on the couch – but I haven’t yet decided if that’s a good thing or not! 🙂

  4. Matt M.

    Bought for my dog because she was having joint pain, she enjoyed chewing them and I can see the results already. She is more mobile after starting using this supplements. I highly recommend this product

  5. Anna C

    I give my dog these once a day they are soft and easy for him to chew. My dog is old and I find these have helped him a great deal. I will be buying these again.

  6. Wes J.

    We purchased these a few months ago and I just placed another order. We have 2 smaller dogs (15lbs or under) and we try to give each of them one a day. They are soft and the dogs LOVE them, practically inhale them. Our older dog (just turned 14) was having some troubles getting his back legs to work like they should, we thought he was suffering from stiff joints, he was also reluctant to jump up on the furniture anymore or hike his back leg. We noticed gradual improvements through the first week of taking these, and now we don’t notice any of those issues he was having at all. He’s got some spring in his step, bounces around occasionally, and most certainly likes not having troubles getting around.

  7. Shawn O.

    Such a great product for my dog! I can already see a significant improvement in my Golden Retrievers hips and the way she runs. Glad I decided on this product!

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