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My Real Life Training Videos With Frisbee - Part 3 The Leave It Command

My Real Life Training Videos With Frisbee - Part 3 The Leave It Command

You've made it to Part 3 of the training video series with Frisbee, The Leave It Command.

This is probably one of the most important commands to teach your dog on top of the Recall Command,  which I am actually working with Frisbee on right now.  I will share a training video in the near future with the recall command.

There are many reasons why the leave it command it so important and again even more important if you have a highly reactive dog.

What is the leave it command?

It's a command that once learned, will have your dog stop in his/her tracks if they are about to something they shouldn't be doing.  When your dog is about to do something he/she is not

When your dog is about to do something he/she is not supposed to do and you can simply shout "leave it" and he/she listens you could possibly save your dog from a variety of dangerous situations. 

For example, what if your dog was about to run out into the street.  Imagine being able to shout their name with "leave it" and he/she just stops.

Or what if your dog is about to chase after another dog or a person/child and you are able to shout leave it and he/she stops?  Imagine not teaching your dog that command and what the negative outcome could be.

Or what if your dog just simply picks something up in their mouth or finds another dogs mess he/she wants to smell wouldn't it be nice to just say "leave it" and your dog would actually leave it.

This one command alone can keep help you prevent undesirable situations and undesirable outcomes in these situations.

There is a method to teaching your dog to leave it and I demonstrate it in this video with Frisbee and with the assistance of my son-in-law, Xavier.  You can download this video by clicking here.  And remember, once you download it and watch it you can either save it or delete it.  

The leave it command is best taught after you've successfully taught your dog the down-stay command so if you missed that training video just scroll below and you'll find it.  It was part 2.

Stay tuned for the next post, Part 4 where we pull it all together. And I will also share with you an incident where Frisbee was attacked by two dogs at a park who were off leash and their owners clearly had not taught them the leave it command.

And if you got value from this post, please do me a favor and leave a comment below and share it on your social media.  At Peppy-Paws we always strive to provide helpful information and your feedback helps us make that happen.



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