My Real Life Training Video With Frisbee - Part 2 Down-Stay

My Real Life Training Video With Frisbee - Part 2 Down-Stay

I hope you were able to watch Part 1, the Sit and Sit-Stay training videos with Frisbee as it will help with this next part, Down-Stay.  If not, you can find it right below this blog post.

This next training session is also very important.  Teaching your dog the down-stay command is helpful in general, but again, even more helpful when you have a dog that is reactive.

When your dog is in a sitting position he/she is still quite able to quickly break that position and do something they aren't supposed to do.  When he/she is in a down position, it is harder for them to get up and charge.  Also, usually when your dog is in a down-stay position they will tend to get a little more comfortable and relaxed which will also make them less reactive to a potentially bad situation.

Now the key here is getting them to hold the down position and not get up until you give them the release cue.  I don't think I mentioned it earlier, but choose a release word that you would not use any other time with your dog so he/she can associate the release word simply with being released.  

When I first started I was using the word "okay" and might even reference that in the training videos but I have since changed it to the word "release".  I found that I use the word okay with Frisbee quite often so I felt I was probably confusing him.  Obviously, I am not ever going to use that word with Frisbee other than releasing him from a command.  And it's easy to remember.

When you get started with your training just make sure you decide what words you are going to use for which commands and stick with them.  Also, make sure your family members are using the same words or you run the risk of really confusing your dog and not getting the results you desire.

Here is the next training video, with the assistance again of my son-in-law, Xavier.  You can click here to download it to your phone or computer and once again either save it after your view it or delete it.

And tune in for the next blog post and one of, what I feel, is the most important commands you need to teach your dog. 

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