Keeping You and Your Dog Safe in the Car

Did you know...
An unrestrained 10-pound dog in a crash at 50 mph will exert roughly
500 pounds of force, while an unrestrained 80-pound dog in a crash
at only 30 mph will exert approximately 2400 pounds of force.
If you're among the people who love to travel with their dogs, American Humane Society and AAA have tips for keeping them safe on the road.

The first tip is to restrain your pet. Having an animal run loose inside the car means you might keep one eye on them and only one eye on the road. They are also more likely to be injured or can even run away if you're in a crash. Using a pet seat belt, car seat or crate will keep your four-legged friend secure.

None of us would ever dream of letting an infant or child ride in a car without appropriate safety restraints, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen friends of mine carefully strap in their kids and then let their dog ride loose.

Let me be blunt, here: If you have a thirty-mile-an-hour collision, your twenty-five-pound dog is going to turn into a projectile just the way your twenty-five-pound toddler would. I read about a woman who drove into a ditch with her three small dogs loose in the car; two were killed outright. The third ran away and disappeared forever.

And another story I read was about an actual dog trainer.  She got T-boned a few years ago. Her dogs were loose. One was trapped in the crushed car with her, which I guess is a good thing.  The other one escaped out a broken window and was found, injured but alive, after a week.  Am I making my point? Wait, there’s more.

A loose dog in the front passenger seat may be killed by the airbag. An injured or frightened dog who’s loose may interfere with emergency personnel, or even bite them. A scared, disoriented dog may survive the crash only to be hit by a passing car.

Also, your dog may love to stick its head out the window, but wind can actually irritate mucus membranes and blow pieces of debris into their eyes. Just like children, they shouldn't stick any part of their body out the window.

Never let your dog in the front seat because that adds to potential distraction, and if your airbags go off, your furry family member will very likely get hurt or even killed.

Air bags were not made for animals.

If you drive a pickup truck, your dog will not be safe riding in the bed. Not only could they harm themselves, but they can cause someone else to have an accident. Here's a sobering statistic: At least 100,000 dogs have been killed while riding in truck beds.

Why would you want to take that chance?

Finally, keep a printed record of your pet's name and even a photo in the car whenever you travel. That can help first-responders render aid or conduct a search in the event you're unable to after a crash.  

The last tip is something I would never have thought of myself but it makes perfect sense. 

And here's something I bet you didn't think of (and neither did I).  If you do let your dog stick their head out of the window are you turning off your power windows?  Can you imagine having your dog step on the power window button while his/her head is sticking out? 

Please follow these tips the next time and every time you take your dog in the car.  This is not only for their safety but for your safety and your passengers' safety as well.

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