Get Involved In Dog Sports

Get Involved In Dog Sports

If you have an active lifestyle or have a dog that needs to get rid of a bunch of energy you may consider getting involved in some type of dog sport. There are a bunch of dog sports to get involved in and in this article, I will discuss just a few of them.

Let’s start off with agility

I think almost every large town in the United States has an agility club or a trainer with a facility so you can learn how to do agility with your dog.

The easiest way to put it is agility is a blast and loads of fun for you and your dog. The first time I attended an agility competition they had an announcer who was explaining agility and how it was done. He commented that you won’t see many fat folks doing agility. They may have started out that way but they are thin now from all the running and bending and stooping.

So as you can imagine agility is good for your health as well as the dogs.

Join a Frisbee club

You don’t actually have to join a club to enjoy doing Frisbee with your dog however clubs are out there if you decide you’d like to compete. You’ve possibly seen Frisbee competitions on TV where people travel from all over the country to compete with their dogs. Teaching your dog to catch the disc and do all those fancy jumps and catches can be quite enjoyable for you and your dog.

If this is something that you think you might be interested in simply do a Google search and you’ll find a Frisbee club in your area.

Flyball is fast and fun for dogs of all sizes

Flyball is an exciting competition that involves jumping over hurdles and catching a ball that flies out of a box. It’s actually done as a relay race with a team. The height of the hurdles is set based on the height of the smallest dog so every team seems to have a short dog to keep those hurdles low. If you go to a flyball competition be careful because it doesn’t take much to get hooked on this fun sport.

Schutzhund is a German sport originally developed for German Shepherds

Schutzhund consists of three different areas of training including obedience, tracking, and protection.  Each dog that competes in this sport must do well and pass each area of the competition.  Schutzhund trials are held each weekend all over the country.  If this is something you and your dog may be interested in do a Google search for Schutzhund and see what you can find close to where you live.

In this article, I have talked about 4 different types of dog sports.  Believe me, there are many more out there that might just get you and your dog out of the house and active.  Make an effort to get involved with a dog sport soon.  Your dog will love you for it.

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