Fate Steps In...Will It Save the Day? (Part 2-Frisbee's New Training)

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Fate Steps In...Will It Save the Day?

Where did I leave off?

Of yes, we had a bad morning, made a couple mistakes that we came through unscathed but I was unsettled.

I left to play tennis and upon entering the clubhouse, my friend Kathy, the owner, told me she had something to tell me.  She seemed a little excited and told me to make sure I stopped back in on my way out.

Her demeanor certainly peaked my curiosity so as soon as I was done playing I went back to the clubhouse to chat with Kathy.  I couldn't wait to hear what she had to tell me.

She started right in telling me about her sister having a dog that bites and how she found this trainer and how great everything is working.  For a moment I believe I was in disbelief that she would be sharing this information at a time when I so badly needed to hear it.

She told me that her sister has a lady who also happens to be a police officer come to her home to do in home training.  She said her sister has been super happy with the results.

Now, while I was excited to hear this let me also say this isn't the first time someone has told me about their "miracle worker" dog trainer who I ended up hiring only to be disappointed with little to no improvement.

Most recently and after coming highly recommended, I was putting Frisbee in a muzzle when the trainer was there and even with Frisbee in a muzzle, she wouldn't get within 10 to 15 feet of him.  This unsettled me and I couldn't see where I was making any progress if the trainer wouldn't come near him even in a muzzle.

And a side note and just sayin...even the vet tech who expresses Frisbee's anal glands (sorry if that's too much information) happily greets him and pets him (with a muzzle on). So, why wouldn't the trainer come near him?  Seems counter-intuitive to me.  

Waiting at the side entrance for his monthly anal gland visit.  The lobby is small so we go to the side to minimize any stress on Frisbee (and myself).  I hate making him wear a muzzle but not wearing one in public at this time is not an option. 

Back to that Tuesday morning...

Kathy called her sister and got the phone number for me for me to call.  I figured what did I have to lose?  Any other day I might have just put it on the backburner but I think after the incidences that morning I was far more open to trying something new. 

I left a message for Anna, the trainer and anxiously awaited her return call not knowing at all what to expect.  

When she called me back she explained the program a little but also told me she didn't have time to add Frisbee to her "client" list. She was currently providing security detail to our Mayor.  She told me she would have Emilio, who I believe is the coordinator, boss, etc, call me.

On Friday I spoke with Emilio and he gave me some valuable information about dog behavior and some insight on what might help Frisbee.  We set up a meeting for the following day and he told me straight up that he doesn't go easy on the "humans".

Basically, he said it's harder sometimes to train the people than it is to train the dogs. 

I told him that was fine by me and my husband and I will do anything needed to help our little guy.

It's Saturday now and I have to admit I am pretty nervous.  I have never been a fan of any kind of "correction" behavior training or negative reinforcement but I had a feeling this is what might be coming our way.  I decided to keep an open mind because honestly, nothing else has really worked.

The doorbell rings and I meet Emilio at the front gate to find out exactly what I am supposed to do with Frisbee.  He said, "nothing...just have him held on a leash".

Nervously, I said, "okay" and he followed me into the house.

I couldn't believe what happened next...

Stay tuned for part 3 as this journey continues.

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  • Keep writing. I can’t wait to hear the outcome!?

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