5 Types of Dog Aggression


Aggression in dogs can be a very serious problem that can create a tremendous amount of liability for you and your family.  This blog post deals with five of the most common types of aggression, however, there are many more.  If your dog has aggression and you would like help to resolve it you should contact a qualified trainer or behavior specialist for help.

Dominance Aggression:  Quite often this type of aggression is directed toward the owner.  It can manifest itself when the owner tries to dominate the dog by making it do something that it does not want to do.  

Some examples would be walking the dog or making it get off furniture or a bed.  This is the type of aggression that happens where the dog feels that it is the “Alpha”.

Fear Aggression:  very common in the shy fearful dog.  Actually, the fearful dog is sometimes referred to as the most dangerous dog because you never know when fear will cause aggression to raise its ugly head with this type of dog.  It is very unpredictable.

A rule to remember and to teach your children is to never try to approach a dog that appears fearful.  Cornering a shy, fearful dog can be dangerous since it can’t flee so it must fight.

Territorial Aggression:   We have all seen this dog before.  You know the dog that is behind the fence that will not let you are anybody else through the gate.  It is guarding its territory no matter where that is. 
This is the type of dog that is used to guard a business or property.

Dog on Dog Aggression:   This is another type of aggression that you just might see in the family dog.  This could be the dog that was never socialized properly during the period of socialization that is from birth to 20 weeks of age. 
If your dog is not socialized with dogs during that period you just may end up with this type of aggression in your dog.

Food Aggression:   A type of aggression you may also encounter with your dog.  The easiest way to avoid this type of aggression is to teach your puppy from the very beginning that the food is yours and you can give it or take it. 

Start working with your puppy from the very beginning and teaching it that you can put your hands in the food bowl and can even take the bowl if you want.  Do the same thing with treats and bones. 

If you will teach your pup from the beginning then this should not be a problem in the future.

These are just some of the different types of aggression that you may see in your dog.  Socializing your pup before 20 weeks of age will help with some types of aggression and conditioning your dog to different situations will help with other types of aggression.

If you have an adult dog and it develops aggression be sure to seek the help of a trainer or behavior specialist that is qualified to help with the problem.  Trying to resolve aggression on your own can be very dangerous.

Stay tuned tomorrow as I share my own very personal experience with fear aggression. 


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