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A special story of relief for biscuit


Meet Biscuit

Biscuit is almost 11 years old and suffers from arthritis and serious skin issues.  He uses our Hip and Joint Care Supplement and his transformation has been incredible.


Biscuit's skin before our supplement

This before picture was shared by Biscuits loving owner.  This on top of his joint pain cause by arthritis clearly must be very uncomfortable, even painful, for Biscuit.


A whole new Biscuit

After 3 months of taking our Hip and Joint Care Supplement, Biscuits skin and fur have significantly improved and his suffering from joint pain has also significantly subsided.

Biscuit's story of recovery

Biscuit's Journey

Biscuit has arthritis and terrible ongoing skin problems. We’ve tried everything for his skin and nothing helps very much. We found your product in an effort to help with his arthritis and as his mobility improved, we found it was incredible for his skin!

Our vet put him on steroids for a couple of weeks after this skin outbreak.  We started your product at the same time and once the steroid ended, no other products except yours were taken between these two pictures (Spring and fall). Biscuit also has spinal degeneration and balance issues but your product has given him quality of life and we are so thankful! 

We are firm believers in the benefits of your product, from the improvement in mobility/joint pain and whatever other ingredients that are included, the effect on the dog’s fur/skin is incredible!   We’ve given your product info to SO many of our dog-loving friends.  It is the best product on the market, and affordable too!

- Denise



So many benefits to keep your furry friend healthy


Hip & Joint Care For Dogs - 120 Count

*Strengthens Connective Tissue

* Improves Mobility

* Eases Joint Pain

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Probiotic Digestive Health Care for Dogs

* Prevents and Treats Diarrhea

* Reduces Bloating and Gas

* Relieves Constipation

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Hip & Joint Care For Dogs - 180 Count

*Strengthens Connective Tissue

*Improves Mobility

*Eases Joint Pain

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Ordered powder form because the liquids even though were great, my dog started to avoid her food because she could smell the fish oil. The powder has been great so far and has helped with her obsessive itching and has already minimized shedding.   (Omega 3 Fish Oil for Dogs)


This hip and joint supplement has provided great relief for my german shepherd. She’s able to get up and down the stairs easier and wants to play again. I’m happy she is more like her younger self enjoying life again.                                                                     (Hip and Joint Care for Dogs)


I bought this probiotic after having so much success with Peppy Paws hip and joint supplement for my dog. Didn’t take long for his gas and bloating to stop. And the powder is super easy to just add to his food. Highly recommend.                                  (Probiotic Digestive Health Care for Dogs)


Peppy Paws News

When You Try to Adopt/Rescue a Dog But the Universe is Against You

When You Try to Adopt/Rescue a Dog But the Universe is Against You

I am actually writing this with a bit of a heavy heart or at the very least, mixed emotions.  

I'm going to start with the end and circle back to the beginning.  Today we adopted a puppy from a house breeder.  She is an English Creme Golden Retriever.  Her name is Biscuit, she's 12 weeks old and she's adorable.  

Why is my heart heavy you might be wondering?

A Rescue I Wasn't Planning On

A Rescue I Wasn't Planning On

I remember the day like it was yesterday.  Minding my own business, driving home from where ever, when all of a sudden I see this little black dog running along the side of the road.
The New Trainer Meets Frisbee - I'm Shocked

The New Trainer Meets Frisbee - I'm Shocked

Yes, shocked.  Why might you ask?

Well, it's been about 3 years since a stranger has been in the same room with Frisbee without him wearing a muzzle.  And even with a muzzle, the only stranger was his previous trainer.

Let me set the scene for you...